We assist our clients in building more relevant and purposeful brands, by putting consumers at the center of the equation. We approach the branding discipline at 360 degrees, and always at a strategic level: from audit, to positioning, to segmentation and brand architecture


We work on various type of innovation projects, by focusing at times on the process, on the culture, or advising our clients on new business models, new product and service ecosystems ready for the digital transformation in their respective industries.

Commercial Excellence

We work alongside our clients in improving their route to market, both at home and abroad, in improving their revenue management strategy, or in developing an international growth strategy.

Design Thinking

Our motto is: “We are no designers. Therefore we do the best strategic design.” Our Design services include design strategy, design thinking to innovation and branding, and design research.

About Amati & Associates

We operate at the crossroads of three complementary – if not paradoxical – disciplines:

  • Management Consulting: the “analysis before action” approach, the traditional fact-based advisory model.
  • Consumer/ Customer Research: the outside-in approach, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.
  • Creative/ Design Thinking: the “action before analysis” method, ideal in high uncertain markets

Our partners have significant experience both on the advisory and client side, and we therefore focus on combining a strategic point of view, with a clear and detailed “what’s next”.

Our Uniqueness

We do not staff a project on the basis of our available resources, we build the team that can solve the problem. Our projects teams are “top-heavy”, as we prefer to work with senior partners, with a good perspective of what the challenge is. Most of us have been on the client side, and have purchased advisory and agency services: we therefore put a lot of attention in developing a clear “so-what” for our insights, recommendations and conclusions: we build a clear and actionable path for – and with – our clients, and this is why they use our services again and again.


They are strongly professionals, clever and able to manage high complexity scenarios.

Dario Prada Fragrances

A&A has the strength to stand by their convictions, which remain true to the consumer and/or market viewpoint. Their outside-in thinking ensures that any organization is more competitive and responsive to external forces.

Lisa Director, Philips

Filiberto had not only delivered insights but also recommendation on how to use those for brand benefit. He is a great marketer and amazing person to talk to being able to explain complicated and complex ideas clearly. Plus he has a great sense of humor which makes working with him even more pleasant

Anna Brand Management, Diageo
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